Project: Pertamina ONWJ one lot Technobend smls 5D hot bend 18

Project: Coal Fired PLTU Powerplant Lampung 2013 by EPC PT IKPT

Bulk supply Welded/Smls pipes up to 52". Strainers, Bends & Fittings, Flanges including onsite epoxy coating @2x 100MW

Project: Pertamina Geothermal powerplant Lahendong 3 by PT. Metaepsi

Bulk supply of welded/smls pipes, cs/ss fitting, strainers, fittings, flanges, flexible joints, ball valves

Project: Pertamina TTU Tuban

Supply in bulk & chartered barge 32" DNV & smls pipes & fittings bends

Project: Ulubelu Geothermal Powerplant bt PT IKPT 2013

One lot Technobend CS BW Fittings delivered on site

Project: Iran Offshore Pipeline

One lot of Technobend 5D hot bends by Lipkin 2015