Piping & Mechanical : Wrapping Tape

The Ideal Corporation is the largest anti corrosion polyethylene tapes manucaturer in China with production of over 35 million ton tapes per annum. The main products comprises of 3-layers of Anti corrosion wrapping tape for steel pipes in the oil & gas industry, petrochemical industry, and in any pipeline transmission.

Ningbo Ideal Technical Specification of Polyethylene Tap

Primer P-19/P-27 The primers are hand brush onto the steel pipe prior to the coating of the innerwrap tape. These not only serve as a layer of corrosion protection, but also enhance the adhesive strength between the steel pipe & the innerwrap polyethylene tape.

T-100 series innerwrap cold applied anti-corrosion protection polyethylene tape for burried or above ground pipeline. AWWA C-214 Standard.

T-200 series Outerwrap cold applied anti-corrosion protection polyethylene tape for buried or above ground pipeline. This outer layer wrapping tape overlap the innerwrap T-200 series to protection the steel pipe against corrosion and at the same time as a protective cover over the innerwrap T-100 series against abrasion. They can be easily hand wrap or machine wrap. AWWA C-214 Standard.

The P-00 series (Anticorrosion Primer Series) and N-99 (Moulding Putty Series) are complementary goods, one is covering of the rusting steel pipe, and the other is filling of the weld bead. P-00 series enable to enhance the adhesive to the pipe since it's working with the adhesive of the polyethylene tape, and N-99 series have capability to smooth the surface of the pipe. Moreover, both series can be applied by hand.