Drilling & Production : Zhangtan - String Rod (Sucker rod/Polished Rod/Coupling)

Zhangjiakou Exploration Machinery Factory specializes in the manufacture of polished rod, Sucker rod, Pony rod & accessories under the trademark "Zhangtan" in accordance with API 11B. Our state of art manufacturing technology & with our stringent in house QC, we pride ourselves as one of the main producer of high quality rods with an annual output of more than 4.5 meter.

Zhangtan's comprehensive portfolio of sucker rod ranging from Grade C,D & H designed to satisfy our valued customers with an increase in fluid production, reduce overloading, improving energy efficiency, & cost effectiveness of the sucker rod pumping systems.

Zhangtan is a name that you can rely on when come to sucker rod pumping. Besides being one of the major players in the domestic market in China, we seek to be one of the major global players in this artificial lift technolgy. One of our major customers is PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia (now PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia) in Indonesia since 1995, and is currently providing our full range of rods through a blanket order agreement. Other customer include Pertamina.

Polished Rod

One of the major component for connecting the pumping unit to the sucker rod string. Shipment in 40ft container, about 400jts per container. Zhangtan manufacture general polished rod and one end upset type polished rod. Both were designed in accordance with API 11B

Sucker Rod

The mechanical assembly between the surface & downhole components of a rod pumping system. Grade C, D & H are the main products in accordance with API 11B.
Grade C suitable for medium sour environment.
Grade D suitable for deep oil well in the non or light corrosive environment.
Grade H also known as super high strength sucker rod. Suitable for deep oil well and high pumping capacity in the non or light corrosive environment.

Coupling Grade T

Sucker rod coupling, sub-coupling & polished rod coupling are designed accordance with API 11B. Normally with 2-wrench flats on the outside diameter, although can also be provide in no-wrench flat type. Grade T coupling hardness is HRA58-62 (HRC16-23) after heat treatment with enhanced anti-corrosion & abrasion resistant properties.