Instrumentation & Electrical : Flame Arrestor

Amal Flame arrestor designed to protect flow system against hazards associated with the potential presence of a flammable gas mixture & an ignition source. The usage is widespread across all types of industry where flammable gases & vapours are being handled

Type of Arresters

In-Line (Gas and Vapours)
Detonation (Unstable) : For flames with supersonic speeds and shock wave.
Deflagation : For flames with sub-sonic speeds.

In-Line (Liquid)
Detonation : For use in filling and emptying lines on storage tanks.

Deflagration : For flames with sub-sonic speeds. Can be suppied "Endurance burn"

Combined Flame Arrester and Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve. Incorporating "Endurance burn" technology.

  • Thermal Oxidisers
  • Vapour Recovery
  • Oil & Gas Terminals
  • Atmospheric and Low Pressure Storage Tanks
  • Marine Terminal Storage and Loading Facilities
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Diesel Engines
  • Gas Analysers and Calorimeters
  • Coal Mines
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Sewage & Waste Water Treatment