KSM Synergy PTE Ltd is strategically located in Singapore, which serves as it's platform to provide a total customer service for marine, petrochemical, oil & gas, and power generation industries. Our customer are the oil major in the upstream & downstream activities, petrochemical companies, engineering services providers, shipyards, and OEMS.
KSM continuously seeks to excel in an increasingly complex business environment. In our pursuit for excellence, it's our business philosophy to be at where the action is - the result of local market knowledge and awareness of customer needs.
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1. Chevron Pacific Indonesia
2. BP
4. Amerada Hess
5. PetroChina
6. ExxonMobil
7. Medco
8. Total E & P Indonesia
9. Kondur Petroleum
10. Pertamina
11. PLN
12. Krakatau Steel
13. Santos Petroleum
14. PGN
15. Conocophillips
16. EMP Kangean
17. Vico
18. Star Energy
19. Pearl Oil (Jambi) Ltd
20. Premier Oil
21. Talisman
22. Chevron Geothermal
23. Shell Brunei
24. Petronas

1. PT. Mcdermott Indonesia
2. PT. Petrosea Clough
3. PT. Gunanusa Utama Fabricators
4. PT. Rekayasa Industri
5. PT. Inti Karya Persada
6. PT. Tripatra Engineering
7. PT. Kali Jaya
8. PT. Wijaya Karya
9. PT. Istana Karang Laut
10. PT. Sempec Indonesia
11. PT. Nisconi
12. PT. Pertafinikki Energy
13. PT. Transmega Ekacipta
14. PT. Punj Lloyd Indonesia
15. PT. Technip Indonesia
16. PT. Komaritim
17. PT. Balcke - Dirr Indonesia
18. PT. Citramegah Karya Gemilang
19. PT. Cintra Panji Manunggal
20. PT. CRW
21. PT. Meta Epsi
22. PT. Usaha Optima Persada
23. PT. Ceria Worley
24. PT. Dwi Satu Mustika Bumi
25. JGC Corporation
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Distributor-distributor di Indonesia (List Lengkap Alamat, Contact Person dan Bidang Usaha) selengkapnya

Seamless & welded butt-weld fitting 1/2" through 36" per ANSI B16.9/B16.28. Elbow 45 & 90deg LR/SR, Elbow 180deg return bend L/R, Tee equal & reducing, Reducer Concentric & Cap.
Material : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel.
Threaded & Socket Weld Forged steel Fittings 1/2" through 4" per ANSI B16.11. Coupling Full, Half & Reducing, Union, Cap, Tee Equal & Reducing, Hex/Round head, plug, Bull plug, Nipple & Hex Bushing.
Pressure ratings : 3000, 6000 & 9000#

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Zhangjiakou Exploration Machinery General Factory specializes in the manufacture of Polished rod Grade 42CrMoA, Sucker rod grade C,D & H, Pony rod, Sinker Bar, Crossover & Coupling API 11B.

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Amal Flame Arrestor for the piping system or storage tanks whenever there are flammable gasses/vapors/liquids transported or stored. Detonation. Deflagration. Fireblock (Frame arrestor + Breather Valve).
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Comprehensive range of API/ASME Pilot operated & spring loaded safety relieve valve, and thermal relief valve to protect pressurized system from effects of exceeding design pressure limits.
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Marston in Bursting Disc technology with a comprehensive range of pressure relief & explosion protection devices. Burst Disc (Rapture Disc) from simple single disc to complex multi-disc devices, to customized design & explosion vent panel to provide a safe & instantaneous relief in an ever increasing range of applications. Typical applications in the chemical, oil, gas, food cryogenic & transportation.
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Marvac Tank Protection valve designed to protect low pressure storage tanks & vessels to limit the max pressure & vacum that can exist in the tank. To prevent implosion & explosion damage to tank caused by the effects of inbreathing & out breathing. Pressure/vacum relief valve to alleviate problems caused by thermal effects and the filling & emptying of storage tank & vessel. Tank blanketing valve to provide inert of blanketing of storage tank, relief harmful fugitive emission & reduce evaporation. Emergency vent to protect over pressure in an event of fore exposure.
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Hammer union, Swivel joint, Crossover, API 6A Gate, Plug, Check, Choke & Mud valve, Adapter Flange, Wellhead, Christmas Tree, Flow head, Choke and Standpipe manifold.
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Ningbo Ideal 3-Layers of anti corrosion wrapping tape for steel pipes in the oil & gas industry, petrochemical industry, and in any pipeline transmission. Cold applied at site or at factory with primer, inner wrap & outer wrap polythelyene tape.
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KH Korea
Induction pipe bend that require bending radius over 3D, while typical elbow is limited to bending radius of 1.0D or 1.5D. Pipe bends are customized to requirement on pipe OD, wall thickness, bending radius and angle.
Material : Carbon steel, Stainless steel & alloy steel.
Projects include Sumbagsel, PGN phase II, Muara bekasi, BP Tangguh, South Sumatera, West Java & Ujung Pangkah phase 1.

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ANSI B16.5/BS3293/MSS-SP-44/API605/API6A Type 6B/6BX.
Type : Welding neck, Blind, Slip on, Socket Weld, Lap joint, Threaded, Orifice & Spectacle blind.
Material : ASTM A105, A105M, A350-LF2/LF3, A694-F42/F52/F60, ASME A105, A182-F304/316L & A403-F304/F316
Rating : 150# through 2500# RF/FF/RTJ
Wall thickness : Sch 30, 40, 80, 120, STD, XS, XXS & solid bore.
Size : 1/2" through 36".

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We Provide Seamless/ERW/LSAW Pipes. Specification to API 5L-B, API 5L X42 to X70, ASTM A53-B & ASTM A106-B.
Material : Carbon steel, stainless steel & alloy steel, seamless, ERW, SAW, EFW.

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